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How to write about the LGBT community: a memo for journalists - Interview by MediaSapiens

How to write about the LGBT community: a memo for journalists - Interview by MediaSapiens

Is it appropriate to use the terms «non-traditional sexual orientation» and «homosexual»? What problems do LGBT people face without media attention? These and other issues MediaSapiens has found out in Taya Gerasimova, coordinator of the information direction of NGO «Insight».
The LGBT community is becoming more and more visible in the Ukrainian society every year. And if the March of Equality in Kiev lasted, in essence, only a few minutes and ended in a clash, this year, Ukraine's progress on tolerance issues was highlighted by Amnesty International Ukraine and Human Rights Watch.
We can talk about positive steps in terms of coverage of the LGBT theme in the Ukrainian media, says Taya Gerasimova, coordinator of the information direction «Insight" (a public organization promoting and protecting the rights of the LGBT community), editor-in-chief of
«Let's say, at last, most Ukrainian media have learned to use neutral terms», ​​expert comments. - According to my observation, 2016 is the first year when major Internet publications have ceased to use the term «gay parade", but called the «March of Equality» or «Gay Pride», as the organizers asked for it for several years. Unfortunately, not all media are guided by the principles of non-channelism. For small sites, the LGBT theme still remains the only scandal where it is possible to distort the facts or headline for the crazy attendance of the text. "
At the same time, LGBT-theme appears quite rarely in the Ukrainian media, notes Taya Gerasimova. Often, the diversity of sexuality, domestic media write closer to the pride (in the summer).
According to the expert, the media publish a few stories that cover issues of discrimination in the workplace, problems with documents (especially transgender people). «Unfortunately, journalists have little to ask public figures - politicians, activists, stars of show business and others about the attitude towards LGBT people. Such gaps in the coverage of the topic stem from a low level of articulation of sexuality in Ukrainian society», explains Ms. Gerasimova. - If you look at foreign mass media, the issue of homosexuality is often violated in the discussion of other issues of human relations, love, marriage, partner and family issues». 
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