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Go to the LGBT-march, as in 2014 on the Maidan - Interview by

Go to the LGBT-march, as in 2014 on the Maidan - Interview by

The theme of the march for equal rights, scheduled for this Sunday, is one of the hottest topics in Ukrainian society. Not only do LGBTs with heterosexuals, but also heterosexual people with heterosexuals and gay men with gays, are in dispute. Someone believes that such marches can not be held at all, someone - that it should be postponed, because now is not the time, someone - that it should be conducted in all circumstances.
Awareness of how the March of Equality have to be organized in Kyiv is expressed by activist of LGBT-movement, Inna Iriskina. She works at the LGBT-organization "Insight", specializing in protection of transgender people, a candidate of technical sciences and a staff member of the Ukrainian Information and Language Foundation of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, where she is working on developing technologies for the compilation of dictionaries.
"If I had organized a large street LGBT action in the light of Ukrainian realities, I would position it as a protest action for rights, and not just a narrow circle of pride with a very blurry purpose," Inna says. "I would encourage people to write on posters then what exactly they demand: anti-discrimination laws, hate crime investigations, simplification of the procedure for recognizing gender, equality of marriage, that is, to make our messages straightforward to the question "what rights do you lack?" By the venue, I would choose either government quarter or Maidan".
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