Compulsory surgical intervention for transgender people will be over

Compulsory surgical intervention for transgender people will be over

On February 10, a working group meeting was convened at the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine to develop a unified clinical protocol for medical care for transgender people in order to harmonize and introduce necessary changes in its text. The meeting was attended by representatives and representatives of the NGO "Insight", T-em's civil initiative, Amnesty International, as well as the advisor to the Minister of Health Olena Kolomiiychuk.
Although the views of the participants and participants of the working meeting on various issues did not coincide sometimes, it was still possible to reach agreement on the following points:
• "irreversible medical intervention" and "surgical intervention" are removed from the protocol as a condition for obtaining a medical certificate of gender reassignment; instead, such a condition will be simply "medical intervention";
• Medical interventions, both surgical and hormone therapy, are not mandatory and should be provided at the patient's choice;
• A psychiatric examination is possible only if there are symptoms of severe mental illness and should last no more than 2 weeks.
A condition for a minimum of 2 years to establish a diagnosis by a psychiatrist, which "Insight" considers it necessary to remove, caused more controversy. However, in general it is an understanding that an approach based on an individual situation is needed - in particular, this applies to transgender people who have already begun the transition on their own.
During the meeting, it was decided to add to the text of the correction protocol, for which the working group has a consensus, and make it publicly available for public discussion. The publication took place on the eve of when the Ukrainian delegation should report to the UN CEDAW Committee.
The group will then agree on the remaining controversial issues within a month so that, after its completion, the revised protocol is finally approved. "Insight" will do everything possible to ensure that our wishes in the final version of the protocol are taken into account as much as possible.

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