Photo project "Transphobia must be stopped"

Photo project "Transphobia must be stopped"

November 20 - International Day for the Remembrance of Transgender People. Every year, around the world, those who were killed through transphobia, that is, fear, rejection, hostility and hatred of trans-men, are remembered on this day.
In Ukraine there are no data on such killings. However, it is unlikely that this is an excuse to rejoice. First, the strong secrecy of transgender people in our society means that such cases may simply not become known. Secondly, murder is just the tip of the pyramid of violence generated by transphobia, and if we look at the lower levels, we will not see anything good.
There is physical violence, which in Ukraine over the past year has grown from ultra-right-wing factions. The perpetrators feel unpunished, because the state does not take appropriate measures because it is dominated by institutional transfobia. This is the reluctance of the police to investigate hate crimes, and the lack or unwillingness to implement an important legislative framework for that. And also the inhibition of changes that would make life easier for trans-humans.
All this holds onto the foundation of transphobia in its various manifestations: when trans-people refuse to hire, rent housing, medical care, etc. And if they do not refuse, then they are disrespectful, insulting and naming the wrong name in another sex. 
All this can not be silent, and we will not be silent. Because only by speaking about the problem of transphobia and opposing it, it is possible to change the situation.
In our project, several people have shown readiness to openly and loudly say about the manifestations of transphobia that they encountered. These people have different life experiences, different identities, and they all combine the conviction that transfobia should be stopped.


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