HELP for LGBTQ+ people during the war in Ukraine

Ukrainian LGBTQ+ and feminist NGO ‘Insight’ collect donations for support LGBTQI+ people during the war in Ukraine via providing psychological and legal support, medicines, hormones, food, relocation, safe houses for permanent stay etc.

Due to the Russian military invasion in Ukraine, a lot of LGBTQI+people have left their homes. Another cannot leave their houses and don’t have any access to food, medicines or information.

What we do now during the war:

  •  launched help-bot for legal and psychological support for LGBTQI+ communities and for women;
  •  opened 2 safe houses for permanent stay in Lviv and 1 in Chernivtsi (each can host 15-20 people at the time)
  • setup hormone deliveries for T*people to different cities in Ukraine;
  • setup medicine deliveries;
  • setup evacuation logistic LGBTQ+ people and women to safer locations (EU, Western Ukraine)
  • connect people with host organizations in EU and other countries

‘Insight’ public organization is working in 11 regions of Ukraine and was founded in 2008.