Who we are

Insight is a Ukrainian public organization, that is committed to equal rights, freedom, inclusiveness, and diversity for all social groups. We are engaged in human rights and educational activities, and provide assistance and support to LGBTQI-people. Our organization brings together lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people who share our mission and views and strive for a genuine, democratic and tolerant society. Since 2007, Insight works in Kyiv, and since 2015, we have opened regional offices.

What we do


Promote changes in legislation to improve the situation of LGBT people in Ukraine. Counteract all forms of discrimination and hate crime.


Conduct discussions, training sessions, and workshops for a wide audience. Publish educational materials, and spread the information in social networks.


Conduct street actions and demonstrations in support of the rights of LGBTQI-people, women and other vulnerable social groups.


Organization of film screenings, workshops, self-awareness groups, and discussions.

Professional services

Provide psychological support and assistance, legal and medical counseling, and resource assistance to the LGBT community.

Regional initiatives

Provide organizational and resource assistance to LGBTQI-groups in different regions of Ukraine.

Project activity

Conduct various long-term and permanent projects, such as Shelter, Festival of Equality, and more.

Despite the fact that Ukraine declares itself as a democratic state, there is a number of issues related to the observance of human rights. According to the annual report of the international organization ILGA-Europe, there is still a high level of homophobia in Ukraine.

In addition, Ukrainian society is intolerant towards many social groups, including the LGBT community. What is more, in recent years, discrimination in Ukraine has grown dramatically and has manifested itself in attacks of aggressive groups on activists who organize peaceful, educational activities and are members of the LGBT community. Members of the LGBT community are being persecuted by similar groups in social networks and in real life. In this context, the problem of freedom for speech and peaceful gatherings arises, as well as the level of democracy of our state.
In addition to the constant social discrimination experienced by LGBT people, they have limited rights in comparison to other social communities in Ukraine. Representatives of the LGBT community are faced with problems ranging from rental housing to the lack of opportunities for their relationship with a partner.
Transgender people in Ukraine have huge difficulties with the procedure of gender transition, documents change and further self-realization in society, since in most cases it is extremely complicated to find a job if you are a transgender person.
Insight fights against inequality that has developed in Ukraine for many years through legal protection, educational and cultural activities.

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