Regional development

One of our project direction is supporting of local initiatives on the territory of Ukraine through regional representations, initiative groups and partner organizations.

Regional development

Regional representative offices of Insight you can find in Chernivtsi, Lviv, Zaporizhzhia, Dnipro and Uzhhorod. Each of the representatives realize individual projects at the regional level, as well as joins all-Ukrainian initiatives and projects in other cities.
 Insight Chernivtsi
This is a wonderful company of like-minded people where will never exist: homophobia, transophobia, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, misogyny, sexism and other concepts, actions and phenomena that in some way humiliate human dignity and freedom.
Here you can visit:
- educational and psychological trainings;
- film screenings;  
- a game club;  
- art therapy;  
- foreign language courses;  
- theater master classes.  

A representative office in Chernivtsi created a unique project Safe Space - a network of small and medium-sized businesses, various types of services, civic organizations and just people who are LGBT-friendly.

Coordinator of the Insight Chernivtsi:
Women's Voices Lviv
Women's Voices brings together women, girls and transgender people in the western region of Ukraine to:
- organization of educational events;
- creating a "safe space" for discussions;
- creative self-actualization of the participants;
- art projects and creative workshops with wonderful people.  
Women's Voices strive to speak with one another, to make our life better and safer for you, to develop and to bring into society the idea of ​​equality and humanism. Women's Voices is our voices, it's the voice of women from other countries and continents that must be heard and heard from you.
Coordinator of the Women's Voices Lviv:
Equality Lab Uzhhorod
It is a platform that unites people who seek to develop a tolerant, conscious society through educational, artistic and other activities. The activities of the representative office are aimed at the development of a society in which people are equal regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, racial or ethnic origin, age, gender or any other characteristic, and in which diversity is a public value.
Coordinator of the Equality Lab Uzhhorod:
Insight Dnipro
Insight Dnipro is a safe place for people who are united by non-acceptance of discrimination on any grounds, such as gender, age, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc. We strive to change society through enlightenment and dialogue. And also to provide comfortable and useful communication of the LGBT-community in the Dnipro.
Representation carries out:
- trainings and lectures on various topics;  
- film screenings;  
- sport events;  
- art therapy;  
- meetings with psychologists / psychotherapeutic groups;  
- interesting discussions.
Coordinator of the Insight Dnipro:
Insight Zaporizhzhia
Activities of Insight Zaporizhzhia are aimed at improving the quality of life of the homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer people through the creation of a "safe space".
Representation is engaged in:
- information and educational work (trainings, discussions, workshops);  
- cultural and social activities (film screenings, sport events, active leisure activities);  
- psychological support;  
- help from friendly doctors.
Coordinator of the Insight Zaporizhzhia:

Insight Lutsk

Our mission is to improve the quality of life of homosexual, bisexual, transgender and queer people in the city of Lutsk through programs of educational, informational and cultural orientation.

Profeministic direction of organization.

Our activities:

- informational and educational work (trainings, discussions, workshops);
- cultural and social activities;
- psychological support.

Coordinator of the Insight Lutsk:

We are open for cooperation with every region of Ukraine!

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