Projects: "Transgender program "

Insight is actually the only organization in Ukraine, which works with transgender people in many directions.

Transgender program

We conduct research on transgender people in Ukraine and publish articles on this topic. Conducting thematic conferences, for example, "Transgender in the social and medical context", held in November 2015 in Kyiv.
We regularly conduct trans-meetings on certain topics (for example, hormone therapy) or arrange friendly communication in a safe place. As a part of Transgender program, we host Forum for the genderqueers, where you can find useful materials or simply communicate and find support.
We work with doctors to improve their knowledge of the provision of services for transgender people. We represent the interests of transgender people during litigation in situations involving in the change of documents, when a person, for example, does not want to make the regulated procedures of medical intervention.
Insight works with international organizations such as TGEU, ILGA, Human Rights Watch and informs the international community about the situation in Ukraine. We also work with the Ministry of Health, we propose revisions to the existing documents on the trans-transition procedure, we participated in meetings of the working group on the development of a new clinical protocol. We are increasing the visibility of transgender people by working with the media.

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