Our team


OLENA Shevchenko

the Head of Organization

OLGA Olshanska

coordinator of projects «Regional Development», «Shelter for LGBTQI-people», she organizes trainings in regions.

SVITLANA Malysheva

coordinator of strengthen community program and Festival of Equality, she plans the work of community center and organizes the educational and cultural events for LB-women and transgender people.

INNA Iryskina

coordinator of transgender program

TAISIYA Gerasimova

coordinator of informational program, the main editor of the educational and entertainment project on human rights update.com.ua.

MARYNA Kostetska

project assistant

NADIA Dobrynova

financial manager

HANNA Lytvynova

lawyer, she is involved in the legal issues of the organization, as well as provides legal counseling to LGBT people



advocate, Senior Partner of the Advocate Association "PROVE". She specializes in dealing with hate crimes, discrimination, the protection of the respecting of private and family life, and has experience in applying to the ECtHR. Represents the interests of the LGBT-community, conducts strategic litigation and advocacy at the local and state level.

STAS Dmitriyev

psychologist, gestalt therapist, supervisor

NIKITA Karymov

psychologist, gestalt therapist

KSENIA Wittenberg

psychotherapist, trainer, PhD

OLGA Semenova

psychotherapist, trainer. Conducts individual and paired consultations, therapeutic groups.


coordinator of "Forget about the scars of the past" project, volunteer


Gender experts, media experts, friendly doctors... and other specialists

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Our team

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