Audiovisual project about
the connection between identity
and family

Formation of identity through the prism of the family scenario.
Before you is an art project about Ukrainian queerness and the influence of the family. We explore how the family environment shapes a person’s identity, influences mental and physical health, the ability to take care of oneself and build healthy relationships with oneself and the world in adulthood.

The project aims to look deeper into the diversity of meanings in the family scenarios of the Ukrainian LGBTQ+ community.

This audiovisual project is an artistic view of the process of integrating the family system into personal experience. We invite you to learn the stories of eight people who shared their reflections on these topics. Visual images symbolise the versatility of the human personality; audio works are an association with the project’s characters.

Those who care about us since childhood give us basic knowledge about the world and ourselves. From the very beginning, parents are the whole world for the child. This initial experience of relationships in many ways becomes the foundation from which we rebuild our personality in the process of growing up.

Here you will meet with different experiences: unconditional acceptance and rejection, feeling of support and abandonment, support and shame, risk of trusting someone with vulnerability, intimacy in the sense of tenderness and fragile intimacy, and the sense of the study of body sense and sexuality.

If these stories touch you, resonate with you, show the connection of childhood memories and self-awareness in adulthood, inspire you to think about your own experience, then the goal of this project will be achieved. We hope that getting to know sincere and real people from the LGBTQ+ community will make it possible to develop a more empathetic attitude and broaden the concept of "traditional family values".

These stories are an integral part of Ukrainian social and cultural processes because queer people have always been part of Ukrainian society. It is important to make this part of the experience visible so that queerness in the Ukrainian context gains in significance and has its voice.