Psycological Support

Understanding, acceptance, and timely psychological support are extremely important for LGBT+ people who are constantly confronted with homophobia, transphobia, pan- and biphobia.


LGBT+ friendly psychologists provide:


  • Individual consultations of professional psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists for LGBT+ community (in Kyiv and based on regional initiatives).
  • One-time consultations for couples, relatives, and friends of people from LGBT+ community.
  • Psychotherapeutic groups for LGBT+ community.
  • Support groups for LGBT+ community.
  • Open lectures and seminars.
  • Training programs for psychologists, psychotherapists who are working with LGBT+ community.
  • Training modules for social workers, professionals, and representatives of other professions to help in work with LGBT+ community.
  • Development of useful information materials (articles, podcasts, publications).
  • Development of affordable psychological support in the regions.
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