Helping trans* people

We provide psychological, legal, and medical assistance to transgender people in Ukraine and provide advice on issues related to transgender transition.

What we do for the trans* community

  • We work with doctors to increase their knowledge in the field of providing services to transgender people.
  • We represent the interests of transgender people in litigation in situations involving human rights violations based on gender identity.
  • We run events to raise awareness of the LGBT+ community on transgender issues, as well as events specifically for trans* people, where they can communicate freely in a safe space.
  • We research the problems faced by transgender people in Ukraine, publish articles and brochures on this topic. In 2015 and 2018, we held international conferences in Kyiv on the intersection of social, medical, and legal issues in the context of transgender people. 
  • We organize public actions to further draw public attention to transgender issues and the need for change. In particular, since 2016, Insight has been the organizer of transmarches held annually in Kyiv.
  • We increase the visibility of transgender people by working with the media.

Transgender transition: who will help?


Contact us for advice:

  1. General issues of transgender direction – Inna Iryskina [email protected]
  2. Medical issues – Anna Lytvynova [email protected] +380682468878
  3. Legal aspects of transgender transition – Anna Lytvynova [email protected] +380682468878

Please be careful – any consultations from the NGO “Insight” are provided only by the above persons.

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