Results 2022. Work of our team during the war

We opened three shelters for LGBT people and women. Two in Lviv and one in Chernivtsi. 406 people became guests in our shelters.

426 people got consultations regarding fleeing war within Ukraine and abroad.

7000 people got vouchers for a monthly temporary accommodation abroad (partnership project with AirBnB). From those 238 people belong to the LGBT+ community, 6762 – women who suffered from war.

167 volunteers joined humanitarian hubs in Lviv and Kyiv and psychological services of  “Insight”  & “Women’s March”.

35191 requests for humanitarian aid were collected.

From these 1893 from LGBTQI+ people.

33298 from women from vulnerable groups (women with disabilities, women with 3 and more children, women with small kids, women of the third age, pregnant women, etc.)

25352 address humanitarian aid parcels were sent  by the “Insight”  & “Women’s March” volunteer team.

428 transgender people received hormonal treatment.

7,3 mln UAH (180 000 EUROs) was crowdfunded by the community for the humanitarian hubs.

1064 people received legal consultations that covered gender affirmation surgery, domestic violence, law violations by the government representatives, heritage, custody, rape, and marital issues.

More than 1000 hours of psychological consultations to the LGBTQI+ community, 73 groups from “Insight” psychological services.

3018 women were through crisis and general therapy sessions from “Women’s March” psychological services.

In 2022, “Insight” regional representations hosted 628 events for LGBT community.

We are a feminist organization and fight for women’s rights. Our project “Women’s March”, which emerged as a civil initiative in 2018, advanced and evolved into an independent organization.

Since the full-scale invasion “Insight” NGO dedicated all the resources to provide aid directly to the LGBT+ community and women as much as possible. After 10 months all of our spaces are united with one big team: lesbians, hetero spouses, trans*people, kids of all ages (entire families come to volunteer), hetero men etc.

There was no cases of homophobia, NO CASES.

When you work altogether, communicate, see each other on a daily basis, any person will eventually come to conclusion that we are all equal, that homophobia is a russian narrative that has no place in democratic independent Ukraine.

We, “Insight” and “Women’s March” team, do our best every day. And we will carry on as victory is a joint effort!

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