Our team have been providing help to LGBTQ+ people and women for 90 days of war. Insight NGO together with feminist initiative Marsh Zhinok are doing our best to support people in need from different regions of Ukraine. 

The results:

✅~ 9,000 applications received for direct humanitarian aid (medicines, hygiene products, baby products, food, etc.)

✅ ~ 6,000 applications have already been processed

✅ 125 people have had a place in our safe spaces (shelters) in Lviv and Chernivtsi.

✅ 376 people received legal advice

✅ 136 transgender people received hormons.

✅ ~ 1000 crisis psychological consultations were provided 

✅ 354 people received assistance with relocation abroad (in cooperation with our international partners).

✅ ~5,500 AirBnb vouchers for temporary accommodation were issued

✅~ 170,000 EURO were donated by various people in support of LGBTQ+ people and women from vulnerable groups affected by the war.

✅ ~ 2,000 EURO is spent daily by the Insight and Women’s March team on direct humanitarian aid to women from vulnerable groups and LGBTQ+ people.

Please, donate to support our activities. Even amount of 5 dollars/euro is precious and will help people from Ukraine! You can choose any convenient way for donation: via card, paypal, crypto or direct bank transactions